GOAL™ CHALLENGE - Win a trip to the city of your favourite team!

Take the GOAL™ CHALLENGE and WIN a very special trip

To celebrate the launch of a lifestyle fashion brand GOAL™, the world's #1 digital football website is launching a competition to test your skills and find out just how creative our users can get.

We are challenging you to make the most mind-blowing top-right corner trick shot imaginable, in homage to the GOAL™ logo.

And there are plenty of top prizes up for grabs!

So don’t limit yourself to a football pitch and a run-of-the-mill strike - your entry can be a trick shot from anywhere in your daily life, with any kind of ball or object.

We’re after the absurd and the awesome, so get creative!

Make sure you film your efforts (we’re accepting multiple entries) and submit them via Instagram to @Goalstudio_official, using #LIVETHEGOAL and #GOALCHALLENGE, by Friday, May 3rd.

Once all the trick shots are submitted, GOAL STUDIO and the 11 GOAL Ambassadors will choose the 11 fin
alists who will compete for the most votes at GOALSTUDIO.COM starting May 8th at 9 AM (GMT). The 11 finalists will receive GOAL™ VIP Package as a reward and they will also receive a DM on May 4th from @goalstudio_official and will be asked to send us their trick shot footage via email.

The vote will end on May 18 at 11:59 PM (GMT) and the overall winner will be receiving an all-expenses-paid trip for two to the city of his or her favourite football team during the first week of the 2019/20 season!

* The expenses will include round-trip flights and accommodations for two. Vouchers for flights and accommodations will be given to the overall winner. The flight voucher for two will not exceed USD 3,000 and the accommodation voucher for two will not exceed USD 1,000.

The 11 GOAL™ Ambassadors from all over the world will lead the competition on their Instagram, so make sure you take a peek at their trick shots and make crazier trick shots!

1. Céline @celine.dept

2. Conor @conorreynoldsfs

3. Daniel @danielgothits

4. Hiro-K @hiro_k0529

5. Yoshida @ibk_fs74

6. Kazane @kazaneshimazaki

7. Luca @luca95freestyle

8. Tony @parkfreestyle

9. Ricardo @ricardochahini

10. Sitz @sitzstyle

11. Yoanna @yoannafreestyle

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