Announcing the GOAL CHALLENGE 19FW Champion!

Announcing the GOAL CHALLENGE 19FW Champion!

Congrats to Igo Matos (@freestylebr), the new champion of GOAL CHALLENGE 19FW!

The vote ended on the 1st of January 2020, and among the 6 most talented and creative finalists in the world, this mind-blowing shot by (@freestylebr) was chosen as the favorite among the public, as well as GOALSTUDIO freestyle football ambassadors.

Check out the winning shot and his reaction!


Among the total votes, Igo received over 67% of the votes from the members of GOALSTUDIO. Moreover, with two of the seven GOALSTUDIO freestyle football ambassadors giving their votes to him, he was inarguably the new champion for 19FW GOAL CHALLENGE. The other five entries were undoubtably fascinating as well but could not overcome the acrobatic bicycle kick.

Igo will travel to his dream city, New York, with his friend to visit the landmarks and record videos there for his YouTube Channel. Congrats again to Igo!

Stay tuned for the upcoming GOAL CHALLENGE. This can be your chance to LIVE YOUR GOAL!