20S/S “MADNESS” Campaign

20S/S “MADNESS” Campaign

“Some say obsession can lead to insecurity, despair, and a destructive lifestyle. They believe it can drive you crazy, or perhaps change you cold-hearted. We disagree. We believe obsession towards perfection will elevate you. When you are in the zone and that heightened level of focus hits you, agitation turns into explosive energy and cold-bloodedness turns into the calm within the storm. We believe your inner sturdiness when you're paving your way towards that one goal. Keep your madness.”

GOALSTUDIO has revealed its new 20S/S collection today, announcing the start of “Madness” campaign for the season. The new collection is inspired and designed around a graphic of pulse and whistle, to feature the young and exciting energy of youth, who choose to follow and immerse into their passion without compromising with the reality.

The concept of 'madness' is inspired by those players who we can witness them going “mad” on the pitch while remaining incomparably gentle and friendly outside the game. It only takes a moment for these docile players to turn into monsters. The energy comes from pure, powerful passion, and it all starts with the sound of a whistle that announces the start of the match. It is this moment that is captured as the essence of the new collection.

Pulse graphic hits throughout hoodies, sweatshirts, pullovers and t-shirts and the actual whistle is hanging on the pocket of pullovers, track pants and backpacks.