5 Hit Singles That Struck Football Industry

5 Hit Singles That Struck Football Industry

It could surprise some to hear that many songs created by clubs are not their own. Many will take a mainstream song and identify it as one that matches with club culture. With that in mind, here are five mainstream songs synonymous with football. For every song, there will be its album cover and a YouTube link to watch for your enjoyment.

1. Chelsea Dagger — The Fratellis

Before Chelsea Dagger became a part of football lore, the track was a top 5 single of the United Kingdom in late 2006. The single would fade from the charts in 2007 but remains a staple in football as of 2019. The song would become and still is a prominent feature for clubs such as Celtic, Chelsea, Juventus, and Perth Glory. The reason for this is its chorus features a series of hummable "duhs" and "nuhs" easy to remember and hard to forget once heard. It's a hard-hitting rock song that fits the classic loud and foolish mold of football fans.

2. Kernkraft 400 (Chant Remix) — Zombie Nation

There are several versions of Kernkraft 400 — 1999 original, 1999 remix, and 2000 remix. The Kernkraft 400 track recognized in football is the 2000 remix, the one with the chants. It has become a fixture for clubs such as AC Milan, FK Austria Wien, and the Welsh national football team. It features a memorable melody that features a sequence of "oh" sounds sung by a crowd. The easily repeatable beat, the guidance of several voices, and lenient breathing room make the chorus an easy chant for football fans. The name speaks for itself as it was designed to invite large crowds frequent in football.

3. Samba de Janeiro — Bellini

It's funny considering Samba de Janeiro was released in 1997 by a German pop group and gained recognition for its feature in European charts. Samba de Janeiro is a portmanteau of the Brazilian samba dance and city of Rio de Janeiro. It matches the spirit of the samba and Brazilian Carnival. The song is lively with credit to its chorus of melodic trumpets and synchronized drum beats. It isn't a song great for chants, but Samba de Janeiro is an exciting song for goals in football. Look no further than Napoli, Norwich City, and all countries in Euro 2008 to see it yourself.

4. Seven Nation Army — The White Stripes

Seven Nation Army was on music charts for both America and parts of Europe during 2003. As of 2019, Seven Nation Army will likely be on football music charts for years. AS Roma, Bayern Munich, and Club Brugge are just several of many football clubs who have used Seven Nation Army as their anthem for excitement. The melodic guitar riff following the slow verse buildup is catchy, repeatable, and creatively flexible. Football fans have made way to replace the signature "oh" sounds of the chant with players they adore — Andrea Pirlo, Santi Cazorla, among others. The king of football chants lies in the beat drops of Seven Nation Army.

5. You’ll Never Walk Alone — Gerry and the Pacemakers

Gerry and the Peacemakers' 1963 remake was top of the UK singles charts for four weeks, but its legacy will last for decades. Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund, and Celtic serve as few of several clubs who use YNWA as a team anthem for its encouragement of unity. Its lyrics show that, but the tone of the song helps out in a big way. The song majestically embraces the football fan with multiple instruments, but the voice is most noticeable. It soothes the football humans and invites them to join along to demonstrate their passion and unison. Thus, You'll Never Walk Alone is the only song on this list where all its lyrics are part of the chant.

By Seho Park of GOAL STUDIO.